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I waited. For hours. For days. The sun never sank down but I could feel every nightfall. I could feel the cold, the darkness reaching for me, the slow drawl of my name. It fell on me hard like rain. That voice. I knew that voice. Or maybe it knew me.

But I didn’t.

I didn’t know me. I didn’t know where I was or what I’d done but I knew it was terrible. I could tell by the way my blood stalled in my veins and the way my chest cracked open with every breath. I’d done something terrible and something terrible had been done to me.


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The Children of the Moon Now Available on Amazon

Well, the time has finally come! Book 3 in The Girl In Between series, The Children of the Moon, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!!!!! It should be available for download at all of the other major online retailers soon but if anyone needs it in a format other than MOBI it can also be downloaded at Smashwords!TheChildrenOfTheMoon2820x4500 Growing up, Bryn’s nightmares and the debilitating sleep episodes that came with them were what made her weak. But now that she’s learned how to manipulate the dreams, they’re what make her strong. Strength she’ll need now that the shadows have finally trapped her in a nightmare too dark and deep for Roman to reach.  But his nightmares are just as dangerously real. Roman’s past has come back to haunt him, and miles away from Bryn, their both forced to fight for their lives. Alone. But they’re not the only ones whose fate hangs in the balance.  As the countdown to Bryn’s eighteenth birthday continues, a strange epidemic sweeps the globe, and children are falling into comas at an alarming rate. When Bryn finally comes face to face with the monster controlling the shadows, it’s clear that she isn’t the first Dreamer he’s captured, and unless she can find a way to wake back into her body and stop him from wreaking havoc in the real world, she won’t be the last.

The Children of The Moon

It’s been two hours since I typed the final word of this novel and all I have to celebrate with is a baked potato. Fitting for St. Patrick’s Day, since SURPRISE, I’m Irish. But definitely not worthy of commemorating such a momentous occasion, especially one that was 14 months in the making. FOURTEEN. I had to go back and double check my old calendar but it’s true. I’ve been working on this series for over two years and I still have one novel to go!!!

But as excited as I am about the series as a whole finally coming to a close (I’m exhausted, ya’ll) I don’t want to get ahead of myself. Book three in the series still needs some final tweaking, including the revisions from my copy-editor, as well as the final e-book formatting. Nevertheless, this definitely calls for an ice cream cake or maybe a trip to the spa. Oh, and how about a cover reveal?


Stay tuned for Teaser Tuesdays and upcoming purchase links when The Children of The Moon is available on March 31st!!

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WIP Wednesday

Yes, it’s March, and yes this is technically my first WIP post of the year. Luckily, no one missed much as I’ve been working on this last line edit for book 3 in the TGIB series for…oh…three months now. I don’t know what it’s like for other writers, but there is no stage of my writing process quite as treacherous as that final line edit.


I’ve gotten really good at not editing as I go, simply for the sake of finishing. If I read each draft the way I do the final one, I’d never get anything done. But once it’s time for me to strap on my editor hat for that final line edit, it’s like I get sucked into a black hole. I’ll glance at the clock and realize that I just spent half an hour on one paragraph or that an entire day has gone by and I’ve only completed one chapter. It’s tedious and heart wrenching but it’s also necessary. I just wish I could find a more streamlined way of tackling it, or better yet, maybe the universe could just add a few more hours in the day. Once this is finished, which I pray will be in the next few weeks, I will no doubt emerge looking like a zombie, probably smelling like one too. But who has time to bathe when there are words to be sliced and sentences to be diced?


Once book 3 in the series is finished, and it WILL be finished this month, I will move on to the fourth and final book in the series, which has been patiently waiting for my attention since…oh, jesus, November. I plan on taking things at a slower pace with this novel because I really want to get it right. That means it probably won’t be done until the end of the year. But the good news is I’ll be alternating drafts with my contemporary romance novel that’s also been shelved for far too long and then…once all that is done I will finally be able to start something new. It’s been an entire year since I started a new project. For the past twelve months I’ve either been editing or picking up where I left off on abandoned drafts. By the time I start book #9 (yes, NINE!) it’ll likely have been two years since I’ve started something new. And I can’t freaking wait.

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Protect Educators, Protect Your Community

There isn’t a parent out there who hasn’t agonized over the decision of where to send their child to school. It’s in the back of every childless couples’ minds as they buy their first home and keeps every new parent up at night. It’s an important decision, one that doesn’t just effect the child’s future but the parents’. The best you can hope for is passionate hardworking teachers and compassionate diplomatic administrators–people who care about your child’s future as much as you do. But the awful truth about the public school system is that it’s broken in more ways than one.

There’s always that one teacher who hasn’t cared about her students in ten years but still won’t retire. Or the coach with no compassion who leaves emotional scars on his students long after they’ve graduated. Or the principle who rules with an iron fist and a heavy dose of manipulation, scaring her teachers into silent complacency.

You could say these are just stereotypes, but I can recall someone from my school days to fit every single one. I know most of you probably can too. How is that possible when we’ve all grown up in different communities in different cities across the country? It’s possible because somewhere along the way parents felt helpless, people stopped caring, and things got political. And now children’s futures are at risk. Because we forgot that it’s supposed to be all about them. Not who has power and who doesn’t. The bureaucratization of our public schools is robbing them of their futures and we’re not doing enough to stop it.

It’s time to stop letting policy makers and bullying bureaucrats strong arm our school boards into making decisions that don’t reflect our communities and values. It’s time to start showing up and getting loud. Parents need to have a voice. They need to be aware and involved and so do the rest of us. Because whether you have a school-aged child or not, the failure of our schools effects all of us. If one school district thinks it can get away with corrupt and atrocious behavior, the district in your community could be next. Greed is a beast that is never satisfied and we can’t allow it to effect the way our children learn. Teachers need support, parents need more control, and students need to be surrounded by adults who care about nurturing their potential and helping them succeed.

My cousin is the Assistant Principal of Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD and she’s been placed on administrative leave for a health reason that is both discriminatory and illegal. She’s an amazing educator who has always gone above and beyond for her students and someone I have always deeply admired for that reason. Unfortunately, she along with other staff members and parents tried to take a stand against an abusive administration on behalf of the students they care about, and are now being harassed, discriminated against, and punished for their actions. Now other parents and members of the community are demanding that an investigation be done, not only to vindicate the people who have been hurt in this situation, but to fix what is broken in this school district so that its students can once again have a safe place to learn and grow.

This is a school in a small suburb outside of Ft. Worth, TX, but what’s happening there is happening in school districts all over the country. It could be happening in yours, or if not now, someday. Someday you might feel just as helpless as these parents or just as terrified as these teachers. Someday you might be faced with a school board that doesn’t understand, nor deeply care about the true needs of your child. Someday you might realize that fighting for your child’s future is more dangerous and requires more sacrifices than you could have ever imagined. Or maybe there is no someday. Maybe the fight starts today.

If you care about your community, your children’s futures, and the amazing educators who help cultivate those futures, please consider reading more about the situation at Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD, watching this video, and signing this petition.

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