Your Gifts are Gold

Motivation & Inspiration


Imagine if God showed up on your doorstep with a giant sack full of money and he gave it to you and said, “I need you to share this money with as many people as possible. As long as you keep giving it away the money will never run out.”

You take the bag and are immediately filled with intense glee about getting to share this awesome gift with others.

You open the bag and notice that it’s filled with shiny gold coins. They’re beautiful and sparkly and you immediately think of all the people who you can’t wait to share them with.

So you head out to do just that.

You immediately run into a stranger who just so happens to be looking for the very thing you have to offer.

Your heart is so full with the anticipation of making this person’s day.

But when you open the bag and offer the coins, the stranger suddenly turns up his nose and says, “Gold is out. I’m looking for silver.”

He walks away, just as empty handed as he was before.

You deflate. You start to second guess this gift that you thought was awesome but apparently isn’t. You decide that the stranger is right. This gift is worthless. God is wrong.

You go back home and kick the bag of money under your bed, deciding to never look at it again.

Your gifts are shared with no one and if you ever did muster up the courage to pull out that bag and look inside you’d find that all the money had disappeared.

Now think for a minute about your gifts. Do you understand that those talents, those impulses, that creativity innate in you is worth so much more than money?

Do you understand that it is not a choice to share those gifts but a spiritual calling? And that when you don’t share them, the entire world suffers?

No one else gets to decide if and when you share your gifts. No one else gets to decide that they’re not good enough.

So if you want to be a writer but you can’t find an agent or no one’s offering you a book deal, print the damn things yourself and share your gift. If you want to be a painter or photographer and no gallery will take your work, sell your own prints and digital copies online. If you want to be a performer but you can’t find a manager or record label or movie studio to give you the time of day, build your own stage and stand on it in triumph.

No one else gets to tell you that you don’t belong. Or that what you have to offer won’t sell. Because what you have to offer is gold. Pure gold.