WIP Wednesday

Writing Process


Orphans of Paradise is still waiting on feedback from my last few beta readers and I still haven’t made a decision about the companion novella. This has of course delayed designing the cover because I’m still not sure yet whether I’ll need one or two or if I even have the money for right now for both. I’ve been working on this piece for so long all I want is for someone to tell me that it’s finished. That it’s finally ready! That I can abandon it and move on to obsessing about something else.

The homestretch is definitely reminding me how stressful self-publishing is and how alone in the actual decision making I truly am. I love being indie but prepping a manuscript for publication—formatting, doing the final copy edit, designing the cover, promotion—is one of the most stressful parts of creating a novel and one I could definitely do without. I will be forced to come to a decision though regarding the novella by the end of this month whether I want to or not. But regardless, Orphans of Paradise should be available on Amazon in June so look out for that!


Book 3…


has officially taken a backseat to book 4—my first attempt at a serial. It’s also my first attempt at YA. I have to say, I’m not particularly comfortable with this genre. I’m struggling with maintaining my character’s young voice while at the same time avoiding the shallowness I’ve come to find in some YA narrators. It’s just not dark enough for me yet. The mood not as haunting as I’d like it to be. But it’s only the first draft so I’ll give myself a break.

By the way. Anyone know the average word length of YA novels these days? I’ve heard 50,000+ but for some reason that feels short to me. I’ve already clocked in 34,000 but the pacing feels like it’s on hyper drive. My other projects tend to be a little slower but I’m wondering if YA readers prefer the faster pace and if that’s one of the signatures of the category. I read YA occasionally but the genres vary so I’m not sure of the specific audience I’m trying to capture just yet.

Once the first draft of book 4 is finished—hopefully by the end of May—I’ll be diving into the final copy edit of Orphans of Paradise and then the 3rd draft of book 3. Hopefully I’ll get that out to its first round of beta readers around the end of June. But until then I’ll just keep plugging away on this YA novel, which still needs a title…

Oh and stop by this Thursday for some special news and this Friday for the FINAL installment of Free Chapter Friday! Also check out the first teaser from Orphans of Paradise on May 7th marking the return of Teaser Tuesday!