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I hate waiting. Another side effect of my constant need to be in control of absolutely everything all the time. But life doesn’t exactly work that way. Life doesn’t make room for you and your baggage, it doesn’t yield to your will, and it doesn’t bend to make your dreams come true. It doesn’t even believe in dreams. Which is why it likes to hurl those curve balls out of nowhere–your transmission going out, coming down with the flu, losing your job, apocalypse. But even though the universe may not make it easy to believe in dreams I still do. I have to. We all do. And there’s no shame in dreaming and there’s no shame in waiting.

There is no shame in being stuck by circumstance. That’s life–getting stuck. But life is also about finding your way back out, about taking every setback with a grain of salt and using it to propel you forward. Even if that step forward is slight, even if it’s apprehensive, the important thing is that we’re still moving forward. Always.

So I’m moving forward. I’m staying focused on the big picture and despite my circumstances I’m still planning, I’m still writing, and most importantly I’m still dreaming.