Orphans of Paradise Cover Reveal

Self Publishing

It’s finally here! After months of waiting and stressing and debating on whether or not I should delay the project indefinitely for fear of failing, the cover is finally here—a proclamation to that little voice in my head that yes I am doing this. I’m taking the plunge, once again, and I’m sharing this piece of me with the world. And I hope you like it.Oprhans of Paradise

Every day hundreds of women smuggle drugs across international borders. Rani’s sister was one of them, muling drugs from Colombia and earning enough money to buy her family’s freedom to the States. They’d had a plan. Nadia would make one final drop in Boston, her siblings following her on a separate flight, leaving behind the shanty towns and the ashes of a territory war that had taken everything from them, including their parents.

Only Nadia wasn’t waiting for them when they landed.

Now it’s the middle of February and Rani and her siblings are forced to brave the cold alone, traversing a city they’ve never seen before on foot, searching for not only their sister, but for shelter, food; all of the trappings of a better life that they thought they’d find in the U.S. Until Rani finds her sister’s compass—the Hancock building—jutting up over the city, always just a glance away over her right shoulder, and she uses it to find the cartel’s local hideout as well as a boy who knows more than he’s letting on.

Jax is the heir to the largest drug operation in Boston, every officer and city official in his brother’s back pocket. But when their mother leaves, abandoning not only her sons but a lifetime’s worth of turning the other cheek, of being afraid, Jax decides to leave too. He’s seen enough. Done enough. And all he wants to be is numb—alone and frozen as he trades his mother’s old apartment for an abandoned lifeguard stand near the harbor.

He’s almost mastered it too, until he’s attacked one night by a girl he’s never seen before. Though he knows those eyes, those tight lips—the same one’s belonging to the mule that got away, the girl who ran with his brother’s money, the girl his brother would find, though this time without Jax’s help. Because Jax wasn’t just looking for a way out, he was looking for a way to make amends. To be the son his mother could love again. To be the son she could forgive. But as Jax helps Rani find the things she’s lost, she helps him find something even more precious than redemption—a reason to live.

Gritty and raw, Orphans of Paradise isn’t just a dark exploration of the underground drug trade, but it’s the story of two broken people, their pieces so intensely tangled, trying to assemble what’s left of themselves into something new.

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