Help Me Price Match The Girl In Between

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There are still a handful of international Amazon retailers that don’t have The Girl In Between listed as free. If you live in one of these territories and want to be able to download the book for free or if you just feel like doing me a huge favor, use the links and instructions below to help me get TGIB price matched!!!

Here are a list of all the retailers where The Girl In Between is currently available for FREE:

Google Play:
Barnes & Noble:
Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK):
Amazon (Italy):
Amazon (Netherlands):
Amazon (Brazil):
Amazon (CA):

*I’ve pasted the entire links so it’ll be easier to just copy/paste them into the appropriate notification forms*

And here are the Amazon retailers that still show The Girl in Between as being $0.99+ along with screenshots to help you find the “tell us about a lower price” link:







These Amazon sites don’t seem to have a price-match link, although if you happen to speak any of these languages and see it hiding somewhere else, please let me know:


Once you click on the “tell us about a lower price” link, the following form will pop up (It might prompt you to log in first but your Amazon log-in should work in all territories):


Choose the online/website option and then copy/paste the links above one at a time before typing $0 in the price field and hitting submit.


These forms are identical in all languages so just paste the same information in the same fields each time.

If you happen to take the time to submit price matching feedback on any of these Amazon sites please leave a comment on this post so I can thank you personally! The success of my books has been a team effort between readers and my fellow indie authors and I couldn’t be more grateful! Thanks in advance to everyone who lends a hand!