The Daughter of the Night Available for Pre-Order


The Amazon gnomes have finally gotten my pre-order links up and running for The Daughter of the Night. They’re still working on getting all of my new covers uploaded and also on price-matching The Boy in Her Dreams, which is now $2.99 on all other platforms (that means you should get a copy now *or gift one to a friend* while the low price of $0.99 still lasts).


Reserve your copy of book 4 here:

The Daughter of the Night: The Girl In Between Book 4

And in more GREAT news…I now have a brand spankin’ new website, which you can visit here:…and where you will find information about The Daughter of the Night soundtrack!


YES, an actual soundtrack as in the story set to actual sound, which you can actually listen to while you read!


The Girl In Between Series Cover Reveal




A HUGE thanks to Najla Qamber who designed the new covers for The Girl In Between series! I absolutely love them!

These covers will be added to Amazon tomorrow. If you previously purchased one of the novels and want a digital copy with the updated cover you should be able to re-download the file from Amazon via the product page or by contacting Amazon customer service.

In other news, I’ll be launching an actual author website tomorrow! Specific information about the series finale, the forthcoming soundtrack, and the series boxset will be available there. I’ll also be sharing pre-order links!

New Covers, New Prices, New Promises

The Girl In Between series is getting a total refresh with brand new covers that I’ll be debuting on the 31st!

This time around I worked with graphic designer, Najla Qamber, and I am IN LOVE with the updated designs she came up with. Collaborating with other independent contractors like cover designers and copy editors can be nerve wracking, especially when communication is one hundred percent electronic. But working with Najla has been such a breeze! I can’t wait to share the new covers with you, along with a boxset cover, and another SUPERAWESOMEBLOWYOURMIND surprise!

For those of you wanting an update on The Daughter of the Night, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that this final installment is going to be a very LONG and very emotionally turbulent ride. Did I mention long? With the advice of one of my critique partners I’ve decided to really flesh out one of the subplots, which means a lot more action with your favorite side characters–*spoiler* Dani and Felix will be getting their own chapters from their POVs–and a lot more Roman but that also means (and here’s the bad news) that I…probably still have about 30K words to write. From scratch. Revisions have been going well and the first 200 pages of the story are solid and ready to go but I’m going to need a little bit more time to focus on bringing these other threads to a close, the right way.

I want everyone to know that I appreciate your enthusiasm and also your extreme patience. I get messages almost every day asking for updates on the final book in the series and I’m so grateful that there are actually people out there who are that excited about this story. I remember when I was still invisible and no one cared what I was writing. But things have changed and I realize that I have a responsibility to my readers to pour everything I have into this finale, to take my time and tell it right.

With that said, pre-order links will be going up at the end of the month and then there will be a FINAL countdown to book four’s release.

One more thing–July will be the last month that The Boy in Her Dreams will be available for just $0.99. Starting in August the price will jump to $2.99 so if you haven’t bought a copy yet be sure to get it ASAP to take advantage of the low price.

I don’t usually experiment much with prices, and this is actually less of an experiment and more of a business decision. Keeping the prices of my books low has been key to me being able to build an audience for this series but I think it’s become obvious, to both me and the readers who have been anxiously waiting for this final book, that financial stability plays a much larger role in an author’s productivity than most people realize. I could have spent every day this summer working on finishing this series but instead I’ve been working on finishing a degree that will guarantee me a pay raise. It’s been a difficult thing to juggle but the truth is that even though I reached a point last year where I was able to quit my day job in order to finish school, I’m still not at a point where I could rely on my author income indefinitely. Especially with how unpredictable things can be. I learned that lesson the hard way when my car was totaled in an accident in February. I had very meticulously planned out all of my expenses from the day I quit my job at the library to a year later when I would, hopefully, start teaching. After my car accident, as well as several unexpected vet bills (my poor dog’s getting old) I realized that even though the money I make from books alone has been able to provide me with a very modest living, it’s not yet capable of covering all of the unexpected expenses that pop up along the way. Not having that peace of mind has been a real distraction in more ways than one, which is why I’m still splitting my focus between writing and…everything else. My hope is that one day that will change and I will be able to both write and teach on my own terms. Until then, I will continue writing in my free time…unless of course The Daughter of the Night ends up selling a million copies (*fingers crossed for that one*) and then I’ll have a much easier choice to make.

I know increasing the price of TBIHD to $2.99 doesn’t seem like it will make a huge difference but the change is also about more correctly valuing my work. Writing a book from start to finish is an incredibly difficult and time-consuming process and I have to believe in myself and my work enough to acknowledge that my book is worth every penny. I just no longer want to be paid in pennies…

Download The Boy in Her Dreams using the links below
*If you’ve already bought a copy, consider gifting one to a friend before the price goes up!*
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Again, I want to thank everyone for being so supportive and understanding and patient with me during this time. I can’t wait to see you all at the finish line!

Re-read The Children of the Moon Chapters 51-56




*It’s been really emotional watching Bryn transform. Every long sleep has hardened her but she’s still the girl who cares about other people; who wants to save the world, despite not having been a part of it her entire life. But sometimes it’s also hard to watch. As Bryn spoke these words, I didn’t have a clear vision for her future. I still don’t. I still can’t imagine her at the end. I don’t even know what the end looks like. But I know what she wants, and my hope for Roman is the same hope I have for her, that after all the destruction, all the nightmares and darkness, I’ll finally be able to give it to her.

CM-51-56Q2*At this point moments of hope are few and far between but despite all Roman and Bryn have been through, despite the darkness in them both, I never wanted them to forget what love can do. Their love. It’s not just a shield but a shining light and as they venture into the night it’s the only thing that can guide their way.

*I love the image of Roman, Bryn, and Felix locking hands–“a chain of love and light.” The so-called “normal” or “human” characters in this story are just as essential and just as strong as the paranormal ones, sometimes stronger. They make the same dangerous sacrifices and they love with the same intensity. And that’s what makes them powerful in their own right. Bryn’s character and her entire journey is just a metaphor for the power that we all possess and Felix’s role in Dani’s healing is a reminder of how accessible that power is to all of us. He may not be able to do what Bryn and Roman can do. He may not be indestructible. But in some ways that makes his love even greater because there’s so much at risk and yet he chooses Dani anyway.


*One of the greatest things about love is how it gives us permission to be the best version of ourselves. Bryn’s love liberates Roman. Existing within the confines of her imagination means that Roman can be the person she believes him to be, the version of himself he’s been fighting to hold onto all along. And in this moment he realizes that being good is a choice. Anything can happen in Bryn’s dreams, even redemption, and there’s nothing Roman wants more.

Re-read The Children of the Moon Chapters 46-50




*This scene is just a flash but Roman’s control in this moment is such a triumph and such a sharp contrast to the way he’s been feeling and acting this entire novel. In the second book Michael is awestruck by Roman’s power to destroy and here Lathan is awestruck by Roman’s ability to tame the fire inside him. Roman’s sensed that the more he ignites, the harder it gets to control the blaze. Eventually that kind of power means nothing if you can’t control it. But what he doesn’t realize yet is that the more capable he is of controlling his power, the more capable he’ll be of controlling his rage and the destruction it leaves behind. This moment is an important one because it reveals that Roman can be more than just a destructive force. He can be a protector, a shield, a hero.

CM-46-50Q2*According to Bryn’s grandmother lies are necessary between loved ones. To some extent, I agree. I don’t like dishonesty and I think that there are certain preventative measures that can be put in place in order to avoid being dishonest, such as not making stupid mistakes, not making selfish decisions, etc. But I also believe that humans are extremely sensitive and emotional beings and sometimes lies shelter us from unnecessary pain. Unnecessary being the key word. Bryn lies to her mother because she doesn’t want to hurt her and Bryn’s mother lies to her for the same reason. Their intentions are good and in the grand scheme of things sometimes people are better off without knowing the whole god awful truth.

CM-46-50Q3*There was a point towards the end…when my mother stopped letting me go into my father’s hospice room. She didn’t want me to see him deteriorating…dying. She didn’t want my last memory of my father to be of his corpse. Even though I’d already seen so many awful things she’d saved me from something even worse and I’m grateful. When I was writing the scene where Roman finds Bryn’s grandmother the original draft shared the entire experience with the reader. We followed him into the yard, we found her body, we saw the death. But no matter how much I re-worked that scene I couldn’t get it to feel the way it actually feels to find something so awful. So I stopped trying to describe it. I stopped trying to paint this horrible picture of death. And instead I decided to have Roman extend to Bryn the same grace my mother gave me.


*Not only is Roman’s fiery rage becoming harder to control but the more he stokes the flames, the more addictive they become. Writing the scene where he attacks Drew was like writing from the perspective of a heroine addict. He’s past the point of being driven by anger and instead is consumed by this maddening hunger, which makes him even scarier.


*Insert another ticking time bomb. Bryn has always tried to prove to Roman that he’s changed; that he’s good. This scene is one of the most heartbreaking because she’s still fighting even though the rest of us know it’s too late. But when is it too late for Roman to be honest? How long can he hold onto this secret before it destroys them both? Because it’s really only a matter of time before Bryn realizes that the Roman from her dreams and the Roman from her nightmares aren’t all that different.


*I love how the Rogues use a tour of the morgue as a cover story as if that makes them any less creepy.

*Bryn eats a lot of cinnamon rolls and we share in that tradition. When I took leave from school to stay home with my dad while he was sick we used to buy these giant (literally the size of your face) cinnamon rolls from the market and eat them every morning together.