Update on The Daughter of the Night

It’s almost April, which was my original publication month for book 4 in the TGIB series. Earlier this spring that was pushed back to June 30th. And now…I have my fingers crossed for the end of July.

I know, I know. I can hear your groans loud and clear. I’m just as disappointed. I’ve never gone this long without being totally immersed in a project and it feels strange and sad and I wish things were different. For those who don’t know, I’m student teaching this semester and on top of that I’m also taking a graduate class online. Oh, and the “car that Bryn bought” was totaled in an accident and I’ve been dealing with the insurance company the past month trying to get a new one. I have absolutely zero free time and the only reason I’ve been diligently posting read-alongs on Thursdays is because I wrote them all over Christmas break so that my blog wouldn’t shrivel up and die during my hiatus, which was never actually meant to be a hiatus because I was totally delusional and thought I’d be able to teach, take a class, and finish an entire novel this semester. I was wrong. And for that, I’m sorry.

The good news is that I’ve got a timeline in mind and some awesome things in store that will hopefully make up for my broken promises. 1) The Girl In Between will be featured in an awesome Paranormal boxset at the end of the month. It’s focused on stories that are not your “normal paranormal.” Catchy, right? There will be a total of 9 books from various authors, most of them the first in a series, and all for FREE! 2) Inspired by the formatting used in the boxset I’m planning on updating the formatting for the entire TGIB series 3) And possibly the cover designs. To be honest the cover designs never came out exactly the way I’d hoped but I avoided changing them because readers actually seemed to like them. I’ll probably be conducting a Twitter poll and survey here on my blog to see what people think about changing the cover. 4) For The Daughter of the Night I’m going BIG. I usually plan my own blog tours but this time around I’ll be going with a paid-for service and gathering a “street team” to help with promo. I’ll be coordinating this through my newsletter and everyone who signs up will be getting some goodies come release time! 5) I’m working on creating a soundtrack for the series to be released along with TDOTN.

Lots in store so please keep checking back here for updates! I promise I’m doing everything I can to make sure that book 4 is worth the wait!


2 thoughts on “Update on The Daughter of the Night

  1. I have read The girl in between, The boy in her dream and just about to start The children of the moon, all in one 3 hour session! wow what FANTASTIC series, can’t wait to read the next one.

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