Re-read The Children of the Moon Chapters 26-30



*It’s been so long since I published this novel and I’ve had all this anxiety about getting back to the final book. I was afraid whatever plans I’d had would be forgotten and I’d be totally lost trying to piece together the big finale. But as I’ve been re-reading the series I’ve found so many breadcrumbs that I left for myself, some intentional, some not, and I can’t help but marvel at the way my brain works sometimes. There are tons of tiny threads throughout each of these novels; unanswered questions that are slowly but surely leading me in the right direction. The more I read, the more I can’t wait to find the answers to them.

*Roman wants desperately to be secluded and left alone. But that would be boring and also pointless because nothing grows in a dark empty room. I adore Adham and Cole–their dynamic is complex and they serve as both Roman’s connection to the only world he seems to feel comfortable in and an immediate source of motivation now that he’s so far from Bryn. In the short time he was in Germany the Rogues became his family and Adham’s presence is a relief now that they’re so far away too. Not to mention the fact that Cole is hilarious and Adham’s wisdom and eternal optimism may be the only thing capable of breaking through Roman’s walls and making him hope again.

CM-26-30Q1*Bryn’s realization that she can’t save everyone changes absolutely everything. Being the most powerful Dreamer is no longer enough. Now there is more than just risk involved in this journey, there’s the very real inevitability of failure. As the hero of this story, Bryn no longer has the option to save everyone and from this point on that means making decisions that are sometimes selfish, sometimes life-altering, and always dangerous.

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