Re-read The Children of the Moon Chapters 16-20




*Absolutely one of my favorite moments I’ve ever written. After the night Roman almost hurts his father he battles with himself over whether or not to apologize and how. He waits for his father to confront him and he waits for the strength to finally say he’s sorry but it never happens. It doesn’t have to. Because what Roman didn’t realize is that he was already living in the grace of his father’s forgiveness. From the second he made the decision to let go of the wheel, from the moment he swung, rage guiding his fist straight into the wall, he was forgiven. He was loved. All this time, he was loved.


*I love how non-Italians assume that all Italians can cook.

*If having Bryn touch her old sculptures and old photos wasn’t the perfect moment for her to wake, Roman’s sleeping-beauty-style kiss definitely was. Except it wasn’t. And I feel terrible about that. I know the readers really get yanked around a lot emotionally in book 3 but if they didn’t hate me at least a little bit by the end of it then that means I didn’t really do my job.


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