Re-read The Children of the Moon Chapters 11-15



*Crafting a true villain was a first for me. There’s a fine line between campy and scary and I re-wrote Anso’s dialogue a hundred times just trying to get it right. I wanted him to be maniacal but not over the top and I wanted him to be deeply disturbed but not grotesque. He’s violent but as we find out later he’s also grieving, giving him the kind of complexity that all great villains require. Again, it was that combination of the human and the inhuman that makes him accessible, which is what truly makes him scary. Because the scariest thing about a villain isn’t what they’re capable of…it’s what they make use realize we’re capable of.

*Bryn’s abilities are sort of all over the place but there were so many interesting abilities to experiment with that introducing other Dreamers was the only way to truly explore this story to its fullest potential. I introduce a lot of new characters in this story and even though I tried to give them all unique backstories and personalities, they’re really all just extensions of Bryn and what she can do.

CM-11-15Q1*Roman is proof that even if our intentions are good, even if we think we’re doing the right thing, even if we believe we fight for something right and just; that we’re fighting against evil, the fighting itself can change us and turn us into the very thing we hate. The violence and rage that fuels our fight turns us into a warrior but sometimes it turns us into something else. A killer. But the righteous fight that too. Roman fights the urge to kill Carlisle even though his body tells him that it’s not only the right thing to do but that it’s what he needs. To feel good. To feel safe. To feel strong. He wants to hurt Carlisle more than anything but he stops himself. And this is who I want his character to be. I want to be able to throw every difficult decision at him and for hiCM-11-15Q2m to make the right choice. But he’s also the most flawed character I’ve ever written and even though, in this moment he makes the right decision, the boy is a ticking time bomb and the next time he’s faced with this decision there’s no outrunning his lit fuse.


*If goat is technically a language then so is wind and car horn and finger snaps and basically anything that makes a sound. Right?

*If I had Kira’s ability to control plants I would grow and endless supply of avocados.


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