Re-read The Boy In Her Dreams Chapters 41-46

Writing Process



BD41-46Q1*The archetypal hero usually reaches a point where they have to isolate themselves from others emotionally in order to survive. It’s a coping mechanism but it’s one that sooner or later will begin to sever the human connection that led them to make the ultimate sacrifice in the first place. Humanity is both the source of the superhero’s power and the source of their greatest weakness. For Bryn, it would have been so easy to isolate her from everyone she loves and in the finale this desire to separate herself from her family and from Roman is something she’s constantly battling with. But unlike most superheroes, Bryn really doesn’t have that option. For every person she saves, every person she touches, she absorbs their very essence and in the process relives every single moment of their lives. She sees and feels everything forcing her to make the ultimate sacrifice while always experiencing the emotional weight of that choice.


*One of the most powerful moments in the story is when Bryn comes face to face with her future self. Everything about her is a warning and yet every step Bryn takes is only bringing her closer and closer to that fate. There’s a part of Bryn that already knows there’s a war coming but for the longest time she’s been fighting herself, her body, her disease. Now that fight has manifested in the real world and for the first time she sees one of its casualties up close. And it’s terrifying. Because it’s real. Because she can see and touch it. Because it can see and touch her back. Bryn from the future isn’t just a warning, she’s a nightmare.


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