Re-read The Boy In Her Dreams Chapters 31-35

Writing Process




*Bryn couldn’t be the only one belonging to a secret society. The Rogues were a really exciting addition to the story, one that I didn’t expect to be so essential to Roman’s development and just overall wellbeing. They save him just as much as Bryn does and once again I was able to write about friendship; about these kind of cosmic bonds more powerful than blood. They also teach him the most important thing about being a hero; about being good. That it’s not as black and white as he thinks. Heroes can be flawed, in fact, the best ones are.

*Dani and Felix’s squabbles throughout book 2 are so characteristic of that phase in a relationship where you’re both feeling insecure for different reasons and it starts making you act mean and selfish, while at the same time desperate and needy, and just plain crazy. Bryn goes through such a huge transition in this novel but I’m glad that Felix and Dani also have a chance to evolve. Bryn may be fighting an actual monster but they are faced with something just as scary–the future. That time after graduation can be really terrifying. It’s like you’ve been tethered to this adolescent routine and all of the sudden you’re cut loose, dangling over this huge black hole otherwise known as adulthood. Eventually Bryn’s problems sort of become a kind of distraction for Dani and Felix, especially Dani. But at the same time, the very thing Dani is running away from–the future and all of the possibilities that exist within it–is the very thing Bryn wants more than anything.


*And so the moral of the story is revealed. The “themes” I explore in my writing are never black and white and they tend to happen completely by accident. I started writing this series during a time when my dreams were all I had so it doesn’t surprise me that the story ended up being about a girl whose dreams are so powerful that they can change the future. It also makes sense that this would be the story to connect with people on such a big scale because beneath the paranormal elements and beneath the romance it’s a story about the power that exists in all of us, the power to change our future, the power to change the world.


*If I ever pulled a Stephanie Meyer and re-wrote this series in an alternate universe, I’d have no choice but to make Roman a unicorn. And that might be kind of awesome.

*I keep having these moments where I’m anticipating reading certain scenes from earlier drafts, half-way cringing as I wait to come across some mediocre plot point or small but still embarrassing mistake only to find that I’d replaced it with something so much better. It’s been so long since I wrote these novels that it’s like I’m experiencing these stories the way readers are and even though it’s mentally exhausting it’s also really exciting!

*I don’t know why but this is one of my favorite exchanges in the entire series. It’s hilarious.


*Oh, and stuffed mushrooms from Red Lobster are BOMB.


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