Re-read The Boy In Her Dreams Chapters 26-30

Writing Process



BD-26-30Q1*Roman’s walk to Bryn’s door is so symbolic and I feel like I held my breath even as I wrote it. This moment is a triumph but it’s also Roman’s first conscious step into the darkness. Walking, running, being in charge of his body isn’t just about healing anymore. It’s about fighting. About protecting Bryn. He may be on the verge of reuniting with her but he’s also on the verge of war. Both of them are.

BD-26-30Q2*The next few paragraphs are just as revealing. I expose Roman so much throughout these stories–physically and emotionally–and it’s not always easy. Sometimes I feel guilty about showing the reader his flaws…all of them. But Roman’s self-doubt and his inability to see his own strength are what make him the kind of hero he ultimately becomes. His willingness to sacrifice and to love Bryn so deeply are a direct result of his own insecurities. He relearned how to walk; he beat the odds and yet he’s still afraid of his brokenness being exposed even though his scars are not proof of his weakness but of his strength.

*Bryn has her own triumph-followed-by-a-devestating-revelation when she reaches the top of the cathedral. Her body conquered the 500 steps but as she looks out on infinity those 500 steps seem minuscule compared to the fight she has coming. I never realized before how much her scene and Roman’s mirror one another; how at this point in their journeys they’re beginning to catch glimpses of all of the horrible things to come.


*Chapter 29 marks Bryn and Roman’s long-awaited reunion and not only is this chapter a beast but it’s the kind that had to be subdued with hugs and kisses and all that ooey-gooey love stuff I’d been trying to avoid for the majority of book 1. Honestly, my first drafts are always pretty stale in the romance department and I never feel comfortable enough to write those scenes until my CPs convince me that it’s necessary. I just don’t want to turn people off in a way that causes them to stop rooting for my characters because I know how easily I get turned off by relationships that don’t feel genuine. Romance, whether there’s too much or too little is entirely subjective but I don’t want my characters to kiss unless they absolutely have to. I don’t want them to touch unless it’s the only move that makes sense. I want there to be an inevitability to every move they make and every word they say so that no matter how grandiose the gesture the reader can play along because they love these two characters together more than they love them apart.


*FYI, every single one of my female MCs is secretly obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Because I’m obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


*More things on my bucket list once these novels make me a millionaire: Roman’s road trip food challenge, Bryn’s sailing trip around the world, and building a cabin in the woods with my own personal ski lift.

*Author tip-there are literally youtube videos of everything. In order to research Bryn and Roman’s ride on the cable car I searched for the Seilbahn tunnel and found tons of videos of people recording themselves riding from one end to the other.


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