Re-read The Boy In Her Dreams Chapters 16-20



BD-16-20Q1*Roman and Bryn’s fears about being helpless in their own bodies really begin to converge in this part of the story. They each have their own fight and their own obstacles to overcome before they can even begin to see themselves as heroes. In the first book Bryn was so afraid of them being different and of Roman not being able to understand or cope with Bryn’s illness. In his former state of mind he probably wouldn’t have been able to but after waking up from his accident and warring with his own body he knows himself on a much deeper level, allowing him to know Bryn that deeply too.

BD-16-20Q2*I’ve written many blog posts about the painstaking journey towards figuring out Roman’s super powers. Is he human? Is he not human? Is he immortal? Is an alien from outer space? I was constantly comparing my vision for him with every super hero movie I’d ever seen and comic book I’d ever read as if there were specific rules to be followed. I tried to give every ability a name and a backstory but those details didn’t work. They made the story campy and just like all the others. So I stopped trying to explain why Roman and the Rogues are the way they are. I stopped trying to give them a name. I stopped trying to follow the rules and decided to just keep things simple. True. Roman is good. He is the only thing capable of banishing darkness–light.

*Sam’s inclusion in the story was really the fork in the road where I had to decide if this story was going to become some epic world-saving super hero journey or focus solely on Roman and Bryn’s paranormal relationship.Some readers have commented that they felt like this novel really took a huge left turn both in terms of how dark it is and how amped up the supernatural elements are. The first story straddled the line between paranormal romance and magical realism but even though my intention wasn’t to cross multiple genres I had to follow the story’s lead. And this story wasn’t meant to be just about Roman and Bryn. I’m certain of that, and Sam is such a wonderful character, but I’ll be honest…thinking about how I’m going to tie all of these threads together in the finale is definitely daunting. I’ve ended up with a very large ensemble cast, which makes for a lot of moving parts, but I really can’t imagine having cut a single one of them.

*Because the paranormal elements in the first two novels in the series were amped up only after I was deep into writing book 3 there are a lot of scenes much more reminiscent of realistic fiction. Carlisle was originally Roman’s main adversary in book 2. I’d worked out Roman’s backstory prior to writing the first draft and I knew that I wanted his journey to be about redemption. But in order for that redemption to be worth it he would have had to have done something really bad. Which he did that night at the quarry. Carlisle is Roman’s past; he’s a physical manifestation of his demons but the scariest part is that he’s human. He’s a constant reminder to Roman and the reader how easy it is for all of us to cross that line. In the end there’s no way Roman would be able to conquer the shadows without first conquering his own flesh.


*I don’t know why all male leads have to play an instrument. It’s really not fair or accurate or even cool anymore. Okay, it’s sort of cool. Sue me.

*If these books ever make me a millionaire I will be opening up a Nacho’s Tacos and a Moretti’s. That’s a promise.

*The bf and I went to Ihop on our first “sit-and-eat” date and have been there at least 2,000 times since. While living in Florida it was really the only place we could afford that could basically be 2 meals in 1. Therefore, I must agree with Bryn that only the criminally insane don’t like pancakes.

*Roman’s one act of chivalry prior to the accident where he gives Jimmy’s grandmother Gingy a twenty at the supermarket was totally an homage to Harriet the Spy, which was my favorite movie as a kid.

*The line where Roman’s father tells him, “I thought we could start again,” gives me goosebumps every time.

*Not gonna lie, sometimes Bryn is the scariest character in these stories…and she knows it.




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