Re-read The Boy In Her Dreams Chapters 6-10




*And this is why Roman healing on his own is just as important for Bryn as it is for him. Bryn has a tendency to shoulder a lot of responsibility when it comes to the safety and well-being of the ones she loves. She feels particularly responsible for Roman, especially after seeing how broken he really was the night she found him at the scene of his car accident. But there is a time and a place for heroism; for sacrifice and putting others first. Bryn’s love may have been a catalyst for Roman’s healing but the truth is, he’s the one who does the hard work. Because he’s the only one who can.

*Oh, yeah, and then there’s the whole possible demon possession thing. Roman definitely makes the right choice to protect Bryn from whatever may be haunting him from the inside out. But it’s still heartbreaking.


*When Roman lies to Bryn he does more than just break up with her. He steals her sanity and her hope and the only semblance of a cure…of freedom that she’s ever expBD-6-10Q3erienced. And it hurts. And she’s only seventeen. Which means that it hurts like hell. Which means that, honestly, breaking up was probably a good thing. I know I keep going on and on about the necessity of these two characters developing independently but it’s true. And Bryn and Roman have experienced some really tragic revelations together, the kind of experiences that can isolate a couple and make them dependent on one another. Connections that deep are scary because what happens when they’re broken? What happens when things don’t happen the way you thought they would? Both Roman and Bryn have to find their own strength or else the next time they’re separated…it will do more than devastate them. It will do more than just wound them. It will kill them. And that’s not what love is for.



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