October Totals

Self Publishing



October officially marks the 6-month mark from when this whole adventure first began. It feels like just yesterday that I woke up one morning to find that I was no longer as invisible on the internet as I thought. It all started with a newsletter from another indie author sharing advice on how to properly utilize tags and six months later I’ve sold over 25,000 books! That’s sold as in people actually purchased my books, not free downloads, which have amounted to well over 175,000!!! I’m not ready to exit this thrill ride. It’s been such a dream come true. But as you can see both my sales and downloads are steadily declining and that can only mean one thing–it’s time to publish something new. While I’m working on making that happen (and creating a future publication schedule that takes into account the 6-8 months it takes for a book to break through the sludge, climb to the top of the charts, and then fizzle out) I resubmitted TGIB to various promo sites (author Andrea Pearson lists several sites to list your book in her guest post on JA Konrath’s blog). I haven’t seen any significant results, but then again, maybe the fact that my sales haven’t dropped to 0 is a significant result… However, none of the sites I found or submitted to were directed towards an international audience besides those in the UK and I’m still trying to figure out how to focus my efforts on reaching readers in Australia, Canada, and India. Once I pick up steam on book in the series I plan on taking some time this month to really evaluate my sales across platforms and figure out how to maximize my results in the future. Hopefully more research will give me the insight I need in order to break into those international markets. Until then, I think a celebration is definitely in order. Because…




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