Re-read The Girl In Between Series With Me!

RereadI’ll soon be re-reading the ENTIRE TGIB series in preparation for finishing the FINAL book and I’ll be tracking my progress on the blog. Believe it or not, authors don’t remember every single detail of every single book in their backlist. Unless of course they have some sort of epic filing system or have taken some kind of mind-altering drug that allows them to utilize their brain power to its full capacity (NOT A PLUG). Unfortunately, I’m only human. But re-reading the series isn’t just about sparking my memory it’s also about experiencing these stories the way YOU the READERS have experienced them. I will NOT be wearing my editor’s hat while reading and I will NOT pick at these stories and drive myself mad. I WILL have fun re-reading these stories and will hop on the blog every Thursday to tell you about all the fun I’m having!

If anyone is currently reading the books or about to start, I hope you’ll stop by and ask questions, make comments, and/or just laugh at my self-deprecating reflections. I want this to be a conversation and to provide everyone with an opportunity to see a little of what exactly I was thinking when I was just 20 and first writing these novels. If I can remember that far back…we’ll see. The Re-read OFFICIALLY starts on October 1st and I’ll be covering about 5 chapters at a time, starting obviously, with The Girl In Between.



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