August Totals

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August#s2So much for tending to my blog. Those ten days between the summer and fall semester flew by. In between I took a trip to my hometown, I bought a new car (more on that in a later post as it was an incredibly liberating moment and entirely thanks to all of YOU), and I didn’t write a single word. I take my first cert exam on September 16th and afterward will finally be able to incorporate writing back into my schedule, even if it’s only one day a week until the end of the semester (also in a later post–my anxiety surrounding my return to writing after a much-too-long hiatus).

The good news is that sales still haven’t trickled out. October is officially the six-month mark and I’d anticipated a more dramatic decrease or some kind of fluctuation at least, but so far nothing catastrophically devastating has happened. In August sales slowly dropped from 200 books a day to around 170-180 but downloads remained strong, which has really been key to my steady sales from month to month. As long as people are still downloading TGIB for free I can anticipate sales for the following month, although what percentage of readers actually go on to buy book 2 I haven’t calculated yet. At the end of October I plan to analyze all of this data more thoroughly and compare Amazon’s numbers with my other retailers along with blog stats and new newsletter followers. But for now, please excuse my hibernation (I know, I know, AGAIN) while I cram for cert exams and try to psyche myself up for my return to the Dreamer Universe.


5 thoughts on “August Totals

    1. Strangely no! I’m still selling about 5 copies of my backlist titles a month, which makes me anxious to think of how my WIP will do after the TGIB series is over. It’s contemporary and more similar to Breathing Ghosts, which I’d hoped would find an audience by now. I do have another paranormal series in mind as well as a fantasy series but those still have a long way to go. I’m definitely curious to see how sales fluctuate over the next 6-12 months as I wrap up TGIB and move on to something brand new.

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