Fall Goals

I had exactly ten days to recover from summer classes before the first day of the fall semester. I must confess that I haven’t written in three months, which means book 4 in the TGIB series has been at a standstill for an entire season. But that’s all going to change soon because I have a plan.

My Plan:

study1Flounder at the first of the semester as I study for cert. exams and try to maintain my 4.0

Pass my content cert. exam and celebrate with all the desserts…and foods…and drink

HomeworkDevour the rest of the semester’s work in a matter of weeks (thank God for online classesReadingRe-read the entire TGIB series (WITHOUT my editor hat on) in order to jog my memory and help with continuity
writingDevote the months of October and November to finishing the first draft of book 4

Write/Revise every single day between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester until TDOTN is FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!sleep


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