The Children of the Moon Now Available on Amazon

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Well, the time has finally come! Book 3 in The Girl In Between series, The Children of the Moon, is NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon!!!!! It should be available for download at all of the other major online retailers soon but if anyone needs it in a format other than MOBI it can also be downloaded at Smashwords!TheChildrenOfTheMoon2820x4500 Growing up, Bryn’s nightmares and the debilitating sleep episodes that came with them were what made her weak. But now that she’s learned how to manipulate the dreams, they’re what make her strong. Strength she’ll need now that the shadows have finally trapped her in a nightmare too dark and deep for Roman to reach.  But his nightmares are just as dangerously real. Roman’s past has come back to haunt him, and miles away from Bryn, their both forced to fight for their lives. Alone. But they’re not the only ones whose fate hangs in the balance.  As the countdown to Bryn’s eighteenth birthday continues, a strange epidemic sweeps the globe, and children are falling into comas at an alarming rate. When Bryn finally comes face to face with the monster controlling the shadows, it’s clear that she isn’t the first Dreamer he’s captured, and unless she can find a way to wake back into her body and stop him from wreaking havoc in the real world, she won’t be the last.


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