Coping Mechanisms For Writers

*To celebrate my two-year blogging anniversary, I’ll be re-blogging some of my favorite posts from 2014 throughout the month of December*


I’ve been in hiding lately in an attempt to finally finish this YA book series which started out as a standalone and then became a trilogy and is now a total of four books. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster, something I know all of my fellow writers can relate to and even though some of my “coping mechanisms” for stress and writer’s block and just fear in general may be a bit unorthodox or maybe even to some of you downright insane at least they work. Well…most of the time. Okay sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, hence the extreme variety. But for any of my fellows writers who are stuck or blocked or just downright terrified I’d definitely recommend giving some of these methods a try.

For Stress:

  1. Candy-Some people smoke cigarettes, some people do shots of tequila, and I gorge on chocolate or anything within arm’s distance…

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