The Girl In Between Blog Tour Recap Day 21

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It’s day 21 of The Girl In Between blog tour! Check out all the latest reviews and giveaways as well as links to where you can download a copy of The Girl In Between for FREE!



Michelle from In Libris Veritas was generous enough to post a spotlight for my books during past tours and this time around she posted a spotlight of The Girl In Between along with an excerpt and giveaway for book two in the series. The giveaway was a quick one and winners have already been notified but scroll down to check out the giveaways still open!


Natalia over at Book Cupid also posted a spotlight of The Girl In Between along with an interview in which I give advice to aspiring authors and discuss my dream dinner party with my two favorite authors of all time!


Jessica, who is the resident Indie Enthusiast over at Bookish, wrote an incredibly heartfelt review of The Girl In Between. Check out her post for some of her favorite quotes from the novel as well as her thoughts on the synopsis, characters, and the slow-burn romance between Bryn and her mystery male lead.


Liana who runs Bookaholic-ness posted a series spotlight for The Girl In Between but she was also gracious enough to include a guest post about The Importance of Daily Declarations in which I talk about the importance of having a routine and making a genuine commitment to your artistic goals.


Kye from Eternity Through Pages wrote a review of The Girl In Between this week that blew me away! Check out her post to hear her thoughts on how the story stacks up to other YA novels in the paranormal genre and her appreciation for the lack of insta-love! She also has some choice words for Bryn’s ex-boyfriend, Drew (don’t we all…) and even picked up on some symbolism that not everyone has noticed. She’s also hosting a giveaway for an e-book copy of the sequel, The Boy In Her Dreams!



Laura who runs Laura Plus Books was kind enough to post a book spotlight for The Boy In Her Dreams as well as a guest post in which I answer the terrifying question: What to Do When Your Idea Isn’t Original.

A huge thanks goes to all of these incredible bloggers for participating in the tour! Anyone still interested in an indie spotlight swap and/or review feel free to send me an email at lzkbooks[at[gmail[.]com

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