The Girl In Between Blog Tour Recap Day 4

It’s day 4 of the tour and The Girl In Between is now FREE on Smashwords and Google Play and The Boy In Her Dreams is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords. Scroll down for a recap of current giveaways and to check out the latest participants.


Jessica posted an awesome book spotlight featuring The Girl In Between on her blog today along with an interview in which I answer questions about growing up in West Texas, my favorite candy, and the moment I first knew that I wanted to be an author.


Sandra over at Jeanz Book Read N Review posted an amazing series spotlight over on her blog featuring the first two books in The Girl In Between series along with an interview in which I answer questions about my upcoming projects and how long it usually takes me to write a novel start to finish.


Serenity over at Lovely Reads is the next blogger to review The Girl In Between and once again I was so pleasantly surprised by her thoughts on the story. Serenity was also kind enough to post an interview along with her review in which I answer questions about the inspiration behind The Girl In Between, my affections for my main character, Bryn, and the most difficult scene to write of the entire novel.


Mel from the Writing Room was also so generous to post a book spotlight featuring The Girl In Between. FYI, this blog is a great resource for writers, especially indie authors. Not only do they provide promo opportunities but it’s an amazing place for artists interested in collaborations. The site offers daily prompts as well as unique content for readers looking to connect with authors.

A huge thanks goes to all of these incredible bloggers for participating in the tour! Anyone still interested in an indie spotlight swap and/or review feel free to send me an email at lzkbooks[at[gmail[.]com

Current Giveaways:
Southern Bred, Southern Read (Ends Wednesday, November 5th)
Reading Teen (Ends Friday, November 7th)
Sofia Loves Reading (Ends Friday, November 14th)



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