The Girl In Between Blog Tour Recap Day 3

It’s day 3 of the tour and The Girl In Between is now FREE on Smashwords and Google Play and The Boy In Her Dreams is currently available on Amazon and Smashwords. For a recap of previous reviews and giveaways click here or scroll down to check out the latest participants.


Angela and Leah are two co-workers turned best friends who run an awesome book blog together. They posted a review of The Girl In Between today and it absolutely blew me away! It was the most in-depth of all of the feedback I’ve received so far and it was such a treat hearing who their favorite characters were and discovering some of their favorite lines from the story. It’s an author’s dream come true when readers take such time and care to share all of those little things that they loved most and I spent the majority of my Sunday afternoon committing all of their kind words to memory. Angela and Leah are also hosting a giveaway for the second book in the series, which you can enter via their Instagram page.

Every day I continue to be blown away by the kindness and generosity of the blogging community and am so grateful to all of the people participating in the tour. There have been a few hiccups along the way and more than a few moments when I wasn’t sure that any of this would actually happen but it’s been a collective effort since day one and every reviewer and tour host has just gone above and beyond to share my books with others.

Current Giveaways:
Southern Bred, Southern Read (Ends Wednesday, November 5th)
Reading Teen (Ends Friday, November 7th)
Sofia Loves Reading (Ends Friday, November 14th)

Anyone still interested in an indie spotlight swap and/or review feel free to send me an email at lzkbooks[at[gmail[.]com




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