The Boy In Her Dreams Now On Sale! The Girl In Between Now FREE!!!

The Boy In Her Dreams, the second book in The Girl In Between series, has been available for pre-order for the past few weeks but is NOW available for purchase/direct download on Amazon and Smashwords. Not only that but The Girl In Between is now PERMA-FREE so get your copy now!!!!! Things have been a little quiet here lately as I’ve been getting everything ready for my book tour which OFFICIALLY kicked off today and like every other time I’ve put a blog tour together, this last week has been full of surprises (Amazon has so far refused to price match TGIB and make it free), plenty of mistakes (I was ignorant to the fact that Amazon doesn’t allow books to be set to free), and lots of stress eating (Two bags of kettle chips have disappeared somewhere in my body in the last two hours), all of which I’ll be sharing in detail in the coming weeks. But first things first, I want to thank the AMAZING bloggers who kicked off the tour today:


Earlier this month Sofia posted the FIRST review of The Girl In Between and it was incredibly thoughtful and amazing and exactly what I needed to hear as I was in the midst of sending out all of those review requests. She’s been so incredibly generous, enthusiastic, and has just gone above and beyond! Today she posted her review of the sequel, The Boy In Her Dreams, and is hosting a giveaway for 5 electronic copies.


Andye was gracious enough to host an Indie Book Spotlight for The Girl In Between series, along with an excerpt from the first book, and an international giveaway for the second. Andye also participated in the blog tour for Breathing Ghosts and is such a great resource and advocate for indie authors.

I’m so grateful to these two bloggers as well as all of the other bloggers who are participating in the tour. I can only imagine how many emails they receive each day and the fact that they’ve chosen to take time out of their busy lives to read my novels is just so overwhelming. It’s an exhausting task to try to put a tour together but it’s so worth it to just be able to connect with all of these amazing people who love books just as much as I do! Anyone still interested in an indie spotlight swap and/or review feel free to send me an email at lzkbooks[at[gmail[.]com



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