Free Chapter Friday

I could still see it, lithe and bristling like some kind of animal. There were no raised haunches or bared teeth. It didn’t growl or groan or say my name. But it knew me. It wanted me.

Roman had told me to run but then I’d blinked. I’d blinked and I was dry and I was alone. And Roman was still back there.

I sat up in bed and for a minute I just stayed there. I could feel the light pouring in from the window. I could hear the warble of water from a faucet, the clinking of drawer handles as my mom shuffled around the kitchen. I heard my grandmother flipping the channels on the TV. A car driving by outside. Doors opening and falling closed. The real world so loud that I couldn’t think.

Because Roman could be hurt. He could be…Stop it. Stop.

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