The Girl In Between Available for Pre-Order

My new novel, The Girl In Between, is NOW available for pre-order!!!! Head on over to Amazon to get your copy and it will be delivered to you in 9 days on September 30th!

By the way, if you were unaware that Amazon has now extended the pre-order option to all of their indie authors, I recommend you look into it. When publishing my past three novels it was always such a pain trying to get everything uploaded the day before and then waiting to see if it would actually show up on time or not. Luckily there was no one anxiously refreshing their browser to see if it was for sale yet so I could get away with the book showing up late but if reliability is important to you, not only will the pre-order option help to ensure your book is available on time but it might also help you generate some buzz so that you launch with even stronger sales numbers. Plus, you won’t have to devote the day before your publication to uploading and troubleshooting any possible issues and instead you can upload your novel ahead of time whenever you have a free moment.


Read the first 14 chapters of The Girl In Between on Wattpad before getting your copy.
Add the novel to your To Read list on Goodreads.
Pre-order your copy here!
I have created a NEWSLETTER! I’m planning some exciting promos this fall and if you want to be informed of price reductions, freebies, and new releases you can sign up HERE. I promise not to spam your inbox  and likely won’t send out more than an email or two each quarter.



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