WIP Wednesday

Just in time for my monthly update something terrible happened. While January was all about revisions February was all about finishing the first draft of my sixth novel and last week after finally hitting 70K I realized that there was just way too much story left to fit it all in a trilogy. At first I wanted to cry. I’ve been looking forward to finishing this series since the day I started it, not because I don’t enjoy writing it, but because I have a plan. A very thorough, very detailed, non-flexible timeline consisting of all of my writing projects for the next few years. Okay five. Now, I know this little admission might have a few of you questioning my sanity but what can I say? Planning works for me and so does being obsessive. I treat writing as a marathon, alternating between sprinting and coasting and that is how I finish. But when another novel suddenly pops up out of the ether I’m forced to sprint just to make room, which usually brings me dangerously close to burn-out, something I’ve experienced twice before and still dread. So even though I’m working on rearranging a few things I’m still stubborn. I know this. So in an effort to accomplish everything I’d hoped to this year I’m planning on starting three new novels in the month of April. And I know it’s not possible. I know I’m being ridiculous. But at this point I’m just not mentally capable of making the changes I need to. At least not yet. But maybe the anxiety-induced headaches this spring will be enough to force me into those changes when the time comes.

That being said, I can say with the utmost confidence that I’ve finally gotten over the hurdle of the holidays and have sunk into a routine that is allowing me to be more productive than I’ve ever been. Book 4 is still awaiting its final copy edit and after making such great headway on the other books in the series there’s also a few things I’m going to go back and change for consistency purposes, which is the very reason why I decided to wait to publish the first book until the series as a whole was closer to completion.


Book 5, the sequel, will undergo it’s third round of revisions next week before I send it off to a few beta readers.


The first draft of book 6 will be officially complete tomorrow!


And my 7th novel, which is contemporary New Adult, is still coming along on the weekends and should reach 40K by the end of the month.


As for the brand new FOURTH and FINAL book in the YA series I’m currently working on, I don’t plan on starting that until next month along with the two other novels I’d originally planned on. So either this month will be super-productive and ultimately launch me into record breaking territory or it will kill me. Hopefully it’s the former.


8 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    • Thanks! I actually just made them in Word but I think they do serve as great visual motivation. I love being able to cross things off my list and actually see how those little things impact my progress over a month’s time.

    • Thanks! Stopping to reflect is definitely something I’m trying to work on but I’m just so excited about finally finishing this series and getting it out there that sometimes it’s hard to slow down even for just a moment.

  1. I know you’re discouraged but I found this inspiring–not only because of the sheer volume of ideas you seem to have but also your level of organization. Keep trekking, you can do it!

    • Thank you so much! It definitely puts things in perspective being able to have a visual representation of all I’ve accomplished over the past month, which really is substantial. I just hope I can keep all of that in mind on those bad writing days when just pounding out 500 words is a struggle.

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