Writing Saves Lives

Writing Saved My life

Writing is one of the most universal and most powerful forms of self-expression, one that is unlocking truths and freeing souls every day and for children growing up in a dangerous or unhappy environment it can be a creative outlet that gives them more than just a voice but a purpose. And as writers we should be at the forefront of this fight to provide these children with the resources and creative opportunities they deserve. We should be doing more than just telling stories. We should be advocates for education and we should be sharing our love of writing with those who need it. We should be teachers and we should be champions and we should be givers. And not just of our words but our truths. We should be examples to the world that it’s not strength we should revere but vulnerability. So write until it hurts and give until it doesn’t any more. We already know that writing can change the world, now let’s help make it happen.

InsideOUT Writers
The Beat Within
The Pongo Teen Writing Project
Denney Poetry Workshop
Larkin Street Youth
City Hearts
Sheila Fortune Foundation
Inner-City Arts

Share your ideas for how we can all give more this year in the fight for the Arts in the comments, as well as your any organizations that are close to your heart.


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