WIP Wednesday

I know I can’t be the only one who thought that January was the longest month in the history of months. You’d think a writer would thrive in all of this dreary winter weather but I really can’t wait for spring, or more specifically, I can’t wait to shed all of last year’s doubts and dead weight. I’m just ready for a fresh start and desperate to regain that optimism I’d had about 2014 being my year. Speaking of which, I’m afraid I’m grappling with a very difficult decision that pertains to my next release.

As you can see I’m approaching the final copy edit but even though this novel should be ready to go by the spring, I don’t see how I’m going to be able to come up with the money to release it in just a few months. I’ve talked about the financial strain of being an indie author before and even though I’m really heartbroken that I’m going to have to sit on this piece for a while longer, there’s really nothing I can do about it. I recently posed a question to other indie authors about how they choose their release dates and the consensus seemed to be that the summer is the worst time to put out something new. And because of that, I’m wondering if postponing the release of the entire series until the fall might be the smartest choice. Although if I do somehow manage to get lucky and end up coming up with the funds, you can expect a POSSIBLE April 30th release date and a massive blog tour to accompany the sequel in August.


Speaking of the sequel, I’m currently working my way through the third draft. After receiving feedback from my Alpha readers I marked up the MS with approximately 180 changes, notes, and revisions, and have finally dwindled them down to just 65. And I feel like I’m going to puke. These re-writes are so extensive that the latter half of the story is practically being written from scratch and it’s been such a mentally draining process that I had to give myself a few days off to indulge in a Harry Potter move marathon–something I definitely recommend for all writers when they’re hitting a particularly crippling block. But tomorrow is the last full day I’ll devote to these revisions and then I’ll finish them up by the end of the month while simultaneously drafting the third and final book of the series.


This one’s currently sitting at about 25,000 words, which isn’t a huge improvement from the last time I checked in but not only have I been revising but I also gave myself a week off to flesh out something new.


My seventh novel (wow, I really can’t believe that number) is a standalone contemporary, which is really the genre I most love to write in and it’s been such a breath of fresh air to step back into the real world. Not to mention I’ve really fallen hard for these characters and I can’t wait to start spending more time with them in a few weeks. I’ve mentioned that I’ve been attempting to become an even better multi-tasker by working on multiple things at once, which is why I plan on working on my YA series during the weekdays and this new novel on the weekends. I couldn’t quite get the hang of it last month but I think it was because my 6th book just wasn’t far enough along so it was hard to allow myself to focus on anything else. Two weeks from now though I hope to have a better handle on both projects so that I can have both first drafts done by April.


As always, I’m probably biting off more than I can chew, but I find that life can get a little boring when I’m not panic-stricken and desperately trying to meet an impossible deadline so until I have the luxury to only write when I “feel” like it, I guess I have no choice but to continue on with this torture.


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Laekan, I stand ever in awe of your hard work, organization and determination. (And yes– seven novels deserves celebrating! AND a Harry Potter marathon break.) You’ll get there!

    Out of curiosity, how do you count the changes you’re making to a manuscript? Is there a feature in Word that does that, or do you compile them into a numbered list maybe?

    Also…have you given any more thought to maybe seeking an agent? I know the traditional route means even further prolonged gratification, but I loved TGIB SO MUCH, and I can really see it succeeding in the mainstream marketplace. And come to think of it, I bet some of your other stuff (The Things They Didn’t Bury and Breathing Ghosts for example) would be of interest to certain agents, too. I’ve often seen agents list cultural elements in the particulars of what they’re looking for, sometimes even specific countries (Japan, France, etc.). You never know.

    • I try, I try haha. In all honesty it’s a constant battle to stay on top of things, one I lose quite often. But thank you! As for my revisions I just use the “add comment” feature in word to take notes, which is how I came up with the number 180. Then every time I make the appropriate change I delete it from my side view.

      As for seeking an agent…I have been thinking about it a lot lately. I know that I want to seek representation by the end of the year, probably with a contemporary novel I plan to start in May. But I’ll be honest. I have this fear that unless I reach some kind of “noticeable” success self-publishing first then it will actually work against me. I haven’t done much research on agents interested in representing hybrid authors–I hope they’re out there–but I also know that there are still many people in the industry that have a negative view of self-publishing. I have a good feeling about TGIB series as well and am so glad that you loved it!! Not only is that so encouraging but it is forcing me to be much more thoughtful with my choices. For now I’m planning on self-publishing it just because I’ve been preparing a marketing plan that’s much bigger and more involved than anything I’ve ever attempted before and I’m hoping it will yield great results. But with that said, I’ll also be doing a lot of research this summer on agents and querying, etc. so we’ll see what happens. I really do appreciate your encouragement though! It means so much!!

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