The Real World

I’ve been out in the real world all weekend trying not to starve. This was the first year in my adult life that I experienced that post holiday pinch and with only working part time it’s been a struggle making ends meet. So before I signed up to donate plasma I decided to search online for another part time job. And what I’ve discovered since joining the seasonal workforce is that it’s tougher out there than I thought.

I’ve spent just the past few days getting to know young professionals, recent graduates, and retirees. People with college degrees and still in high school. People who should not be looking for work. But they are, some of them for a really long time despite being hard working and often times over qualified. And I’m dumbfounded. Not to mention terrified.

It seems like everyone is looking for work these days and unfortunately, for those that are lucky enough to have a job, sometimes it’s still not enough. And it makes me wonder how many Creatives out there are slave to a job they hate just to pay the bills. I know it’s got to be true for so many of us, artist or not, but not only is it disheartening, it’s worrying.

See I have this theory, that may or may just not be the product of my naivety, but I think that everyone is born with certain traits and talents and passions–all just a means of fulfilling our destinies to make the world a better place. But if we’re all denying those traits and talents and passions, if we’re all denying our true purpose for the sake of paying our bills, then how can the world possibly become a better place?

I think it’s a legitimate question and one that we’ll have to face eventually. Because, naive or not, I think…no, I know the world depends on it. The world depends on our gifts. The world depends on our vision. And despite how tough times are right now, the world still depends on us.

The world depends on us.


12 thoughts on “The Real World

  1. I agree with this post. We will have to face it, but sometimes things get in the way of going after what you want and therefore you have to do what you have to do to survive. But I say, do that until you get the means to go after what you’re passionate for. It’s never too late!

    • Exactly, but the problem is it’s getting harder and harder to survive financially these days, which means we’re prolonging the things we really want to do for far too long. I know life is about finding that balance and not all of us will end up actually making a living at what we love most but I just hope there comes a time when that doesn’t feel like such an impossibility for so many people.

    • And there are more and more graduates entering into the fray every day, which is even scarier. I just hope things turn around soon and that people are able to not only find work but work that fulfills them and that they enjoy.

  2. I wonder sometimes if I am naive to think I can make it as an author. But you inspire, Laekan: Where income and success are uncertain, I think we both know we can always count on the passion, and on the writing itself to keep propelling us forward.

    • I wonder that every single day! Which is probably why I spent the afternoon watching Spongebob and cleaning my apartment haha. I hate this whole becoming an adult thing so sometimes I have to climb into my cave of denial just so I can make it through the day. And yet despite that almost constant fear I am still so hopeful that if I just keep writing, something will happen eventually. But it is hard to maintain that hope when I’m worried about paying bills. I just hope we’ll all be able to find some kind of balance soon before too many people become so disheartened that they abandon their passions altogether.

      • I think the very thing that makes something a passion is the unbreakable attraction to it: the need to keep doing it, even in stolen hours and minutes, no matter what. That is why, despite whatever setbacks may come (in money, time, spirit, etc.) I am convinced that you will achieve your goals. We might have to let go of our passions sometimes, but they do not let go so easily of us.

        • That is such a beautiful thought! And I think it’s so true. Writing will always be a constant in my life regardless of where or how I live or what I’m going through and because of that I know that no matter what happens I’ll always make time for it.

  3. It is so tough to have a job these days, no matter your experience or education. I do wish I could write all day, but I have to feed myself like anyone else. The benefit I see to working full time is that it keeps me out in the world. When I write, I’m lost in my head, even if I’m at a coffee shop. That’s not very good, so working a simple office job keeps me alert and aware of the rest of the world. I just hope someday I could be so lucky to write and develop projects full time!

    • There are so many benefits to working in the real world and therefore being forced to participate in it. And obviously I’d much rather have peace of mind than to be starving while trying to write. But the dream for everyone is still to be able to do what they love all day AND get paid and while the odds of that happening may not be good, especially with the state of things now, I’m hopeful that the odds will continue to get better until we’re all able to find that balance between responsibility and joy.

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