WIP Wednesday

It’s the first WIP Wednesday of 2014 and also my long awaited (well by me anyway) return to regular blogging! November was totally taken over by NaNoWriMo and I spent December editing my Nano novel and attempting to start a new one (I say “attempt” because rather than actually writing I’ve mostly been wallowing in the same pajamas for three days while just staring at my laptop–until the cord frayed and I was both pathetically relieved and intensely panicked.) But today is the first day of a new year and I’ll be back to chronicling all of the misadventures of my indie journey right here.

That being said, I made some huge progress this month, despite Christmas totally derailing my creativity, not to mention my healthy organic diet. Book 4 has been edited and is out to my LAST round of beta readers!!!!! That final draft is so close I can practically taste it!


As for its sequel, I spent most of December working on revisions, and even though I don’t typically share anything earlier than a third draft with my Alpha readers, due to the scale of this novel I really needed some feedback sooner than usual.


While that novel’s off being critiqued the third and FINAL book in the series is currently sitting at 1,400 words. This one had a particularly slow start. I’ve been deep in the trenches of the same story and the same characters for nearly two hundred thousand words and let me tell you, writing a series is no walk in the park. Maintaining that same excitement that I had while writing the first book is so much harder than I thought it would be and I’m still waiting for that moment when I fall in love with the story all over again. I know the basic structure, the major plot points, character arcs, etc. but forcing myself to sit down and actually get it out has been torture, so much so that I’m now 8k behind schedule. Not good. But even worse, that other book I was planning to start, you know the book that’s supposed to be the ONE? Well I still haven’t started it yet and I’m not sure when I will.


But I just have to keep reminding myself that all it takes is one good day. One good hour. Then I know I can get back on track. Until then though, it’ll just be me, some kettle corn, and reruns of Boy Meets World.

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4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. This is my 2 cents worth that was once given to me by an editor: maybe you should be writing the book you can fall in love with: “the ONE”. The other one isn’t going to go anywhere. It’ll still be there for you to fall in love with, whenever that is.
    If you’re not in love with your story don’t expect your readers to be so.

    By the way what are alpha readers?

    • I would second this. I had a novel I wasn’t completely enamoured in, spent a year and a half on it before realising that I should get to work on the book I want to write, the one that had been waiting for a good six months.
      Are alpha readers basically a developmental editor/critique partner?

      • Yes, alpha readers are pretty much just beta readers or critique partners. Different people have different specifications for each. Like maybe one group just helps with developmental editing having to do with big picture issues like plot etc. and maybe the other group does more of a line critique. I just look at alpha readers as the people who see my MS first in all its horrific glory.

    • It’s not that I’ve COMPLETELY fallen out of love with it, I think my brain is just a little shot. Obviously I would love to jump into something new but I know myself and I have a serious problem with not finishing things which would make attempting to write anything else just as difficult. I was actually planning on working on both books simultaneously so I’m going to test out your advice this weekend and see how it goes dedicating certain days of the week to each WIP.

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