Indie Life 12-11-13

Self Publishing

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The last time I wrote one of these posts, I’d just embarked on the Breathing Ghosts blog tour, my fingers numb and my brain turned to mush after all of the emails I’d sent out. Two months later and reviews are still trickling in, although it’s starting to yield results that are, unfortunately, very similar to the first blog tour I attempted for The Things They Didn’t Bury. So many bloggers helped me out by posting excerpts and hosting giveaways but despite all of the exposure and the mostly positive reviews, it looks like maybe Breathing Ghosts just wasn’t…the one.

But today’s post is actually NOT about the trials and misfortunes of going indie. Todays’ post is about the freedom. See, if Breathing Ghosts had been traditionally published, its debut would have been considered a cataclysmic disaster. And being my junior novel, I probably would have been dropped from my publisher, my agent would have had to change her name, and I’d be looking for aluminum cans on the side of the highway. But alas! my anonymity is actually a godsend in times like these because it means that I get to try again.

Breathing Ghosts will find its audience eventually. Being digital, it’s infinite. And in the meantime I can keep writing, each new novel a new opportunity at being discovered. With traditional publishing, you don’t get that many second chances. You either have a great debut or you don’t, and despite having a PR team to shove your book into the face of every reader who steps foot into a Barnes and Noble, your chances of being the next JK Rowling still aren’t that great. It’s a crapshoot whether you’re indie or traditionally published but, the great thing about being indie that can’t be underestimated or over-valued, is that you can roll the dice as many times as you want. Say it with me, “as many times as you want.” There’s nothing more encouraging and there’s nothing more terrifying. The true gift of going indie is having an endless opportunity to make your dreams come true.

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