Indie Life 10-09-13

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I’ve never felt more like an indie writer than I have in the past month–sending emails, formatting Breathing Ghosts, going back and forth with my cover designer, finalizing the synopsis, sending excerpts to bloggers, delivering free copies to giveaway winners, begging people to sign up for my blog tour! I feel exhausted and helpless and icky because who wants to beg people to read their book. I’ve said it before–I hate marketing–but when you’re an indie author you really have no choice.

We don’t have a team of PR people behind us doing the grunt work. We don’t even have a team of people cheering us on and telling us that it’ll all be worth it. That’s probably the hardest part–having absolutely no one in your corner who’s invested just as much time and energy and passion into bringing your book to life. Because if you fail that means you fail alone. And you have to pick up the pieces alone. But that’s what we do. I’ve published three books on my own, so far none of which have become a runaway success. But I don’t quit. I won’t. Because even though there’s no one in my corner, reassuring me or stroking my ego or cutting me a check, I believe in myself. I believe in this passion that is not an accident and I believe in my ability to tell a good story. It’s all I know how to do and that can’t be an accident either.

So I’ll keep writing and I’ll keep pushing because those are the signs of a true indie author. Not someone who wakes up one day and decides to self-publish a book but someone who wakes up every day with the intention to write. No excuses. No matter what. Because the truth is, it would kill them not to.


2 thoughts on “Indie Life 10-09-13

    • Thank you for stopping by! I’m so glad it resonated with you. I definitely think it’s important, for indie writers especially, to make writing a priority even when it’s not our sole source of income. It’s that dedication that will make the difference in the long run.

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