WIP Wednesday

BREATHING GHOSTS. IS. FINALLY. DONE!!!!! And if you’re feeling generous or just feeling my pain, please hop on over to Amazon and get a copy here! Also, a big thanks to those of you who already have!! I started this story back in July of 2012 and it feels so good to finally be done with it. Usually this is the point at which I finally let myself switch my focus but BG is still front and center as I’m planning a blog tour this month to celebrate its release. (More info on that tomorrow.)

I usually avoid marketing. With my first book I attempted soliciting reviews and sent out about 150 emails. About 30 people replied and only about 15 of those actually put up a review. It was incredibly time consuming and when it came to my second book I just couldn’t bring myself to go through the process again. So I didn’t. I also didn’t sell very many books. This time around I decided to give it another go and after spending weeks compiling a loooong list of book reviewers (approximately 500 to be exact) I spent four days from sun up til sun down sending out emails. And now all I can do is wait.

It was exhausting but hopefully it’ll pay off. I’ve been refreshing my email pretty much every five minutes waiting for the responses to trickle in, which isn’t exactly productive but it’s either that or eat an entire cake using a fudgsicle as a spoon. Which sounds like the more appealing alternative, actually.


Onto book 4…well…it’s in decent shape. I’m planning on doing one more read through this weekend and then it’ll be ready for alpha readers!! The only problem is I don’t have many alpha readers. So…anyone out there write YA and have something they need critiqued? My email address is on my bio page if anyone might be interested in swapping. Please? Anyone???? Just kidding. I’m not that desperate. Okay. I am that desperate. *crickets*


Book 5. Now this one hurts. I spent the last month working on it, seven days a week, eight hours a day, and I flew through those first 20,000 words. And then I got stuck. And then I got sick. In the past couple of weeks I managed to force out 10,000 more but it’s still nowhere near close to my goal. I wanted to have the entire first draft done by this Friday but an unexpected trip home on top of all of the formatting I had to do for Breathing Ghosts sort of derailed that plan. But also, this being the first sequel I’ve ever written, I’m incredibly anxious to get feedback on the first book and a part of me feels like I can’t continue with the next one until I at least know its predecessor is heading in the right direction. After this crazy week is finally over, I hope to get back to it better and even more focused than before. But for now I’m just trying to go with the flow and not obsess about whether or not this sabbatical was technically a success or just a big waste of time.



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