Teaser Tuesday


Teaser Tuesday is back! Check in here every Tuesday for snippets from my current WIP

The keys spill out of my pocket, clinking against the seatbelt holder. I fumble with them, trying to stick the starter into the ignition and get the hell out of there while I can still think, while I can still move, because I feel the grief settling at the base of my stomach like a pile of ashes.

I could drown in them, suffocating, and I want to.  But instead I press down hard on the gas and peel out onto the street, trying not to glance at the empty seat next to me, the fabric sunken and hollow as if it knows someone is supposed to be there.

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4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday

  1. Ettemeyer says:

    I like your anthropomorphism usage in that last line…fits very well with the ghostly theme/title.

  2. Aubrey Cann says:

    I love that last part about the seat being sunken in! So eerie.

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