WIP Wednesday

With getting ready to move I haven’t been able to work on my WIPs as much as I’d hoped during the beginning stage of this little sabbatical. But I did manage to find two more beta readers for Book 3 via twitter. I just got their feedback yesterday but once again they were split. During my first round of feedback I was faced with the same dilemma. One reader wanted more of a sub-plot while the other appreciated it  being more of a character driven story. I thought getting a few more opinions would help me come to a decision but it looks like I’m right back where I started. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to get back to work and a resolution will come to me. But I guess I’ll just have to trust my instincts on this one.


Book 4…well if you saw my post earlier this week then you’ll know I’ve decided to start from scratch on this one. My characters are pretty solid and the relationships develop at a nice pace but there’s just not enough tension. I need a tighter plot and a bigger central conflict and the only way for me to properly weave that through what I’ve already got is to re-write the entire thing from start to finish. I’m definitely not looking forward to it. And I’m especially not looking forward to pushing back my deadline but if I want it to be right then I have to be willing to do what needs to be done.


Lots of setbacks these past couple of weeks but I’m looking forward to getting settled into a routine again and finally making some progress!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. It must be a daunting prospect to have to rewrite an entire manuscript, and I’ve wondered lately if that’s what my WIP needs, too – hoping not! But like you I want to be willing to do what needs to be done for the story to work, so thanks for sharing this; it’s been some much-needed inspiration.

    Also as a side-note: I really like your progress meters :p

    • Thank you!!! I made them in word. And please excuse the extreme tardiness in me responding to this comment. I just got settled and am still without internet. But I am actually staring at the WIP in question trying to figure out where to start. I know it needs to be re-written. Half the battle was simply admitting that to myself. But I’m still a bit fuzzy when it comes to how. Oh well, one word at a time I guess. At least I know I can always trust my instincts to lead me in the right direction.

      • Wow, I need to explore Word a bit more obviously! No worries on late reply; from what I gather (not least from your latest post) you’ve had quite a bit on your plate! I’m also struggling with rewriting my WIP at the moment and hoping my instincts will see me through. I guess the important thing is to just give it a go and let it be what it ends up being. Best of luck as always!

  2. Books 3 and 4! You are moving right along (along with your move, too–wow)! I read pretty slowly (tends to happen when you somehow always wind up reading 4+ books at once), but if it would be helpful, I’d be glad to offer some beta feedback (even if it’s only on concentrated chapters…based on what you need!) The character vs. plot engines are always interesting to examine, and my next project also sort of draws on both…so it would be interesting for me to see what you do with yours!

    • Julie, please forgive my late response (I’ve been without internet for almost three weeks!) but if the offer still stands that would absolutely be a tremendous help!!! And if you need anything beta’d now or in the future let me know. My own projects tend to be pretty eclectic (my next one is leaning toward of bit of sci-fi/magical realism) so I’m open to reading pretty much anything. My main issue right now is finding the right time to let go. After the most recent revisions it feels finished but my own voice sometimes gets muddled by the variety of feedback I’ve been getting and it’s hard to trust myself. I’d just like a few more perspectives to help me make a decision.

      • Laekan, I think we are similar in that regard– my first book (the one I’m preparing to send out to agents) is sci-fi/urban fantasy, and the one I want to write next is literary, so I have a pretty wide appreciation of genres 🙂

        Yes! I would still love to beta for you. I’m almost finished my with current read and would be happy to have yours to dive into when I finish! You can email me at the address listed with the comment 🙂

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