Sabbatical Day One

Writing on an Ipad is weird. It’s slow and unnatural and my thumbs are sore but right now it’s all I’ve got. And I didn’t spend last night giving myself an incredibly inspirational pep talk about how the next three months will change my life forever just to let some one dimensional keyboard that totally sucks at reading my mind stall my progress. My plans may have changed a little, what with my laptop dying and all, but the goal is still the same–to write as much as I possibly can within the next (hopefully) fifteen weeks. So that’s what I’m going to do. Despite the piles of laundry and the dirty dishes and the pending move I still have to pack for and the deposits that still need to be paid and all of the other pointless daily distractions like cooking and bathing, I will do this. Do you hear me universe?!? I WILL DO THIS!!!


4 thoughts on “Sabbatical Day One

    • I’m the kind of person who thrives on routine, so working from home has been a huge adjustment. I mean you’ve got all of this outside noise and all of these distractions, not to mention the things totally out of your control like equipment breaking, etc. It’s hard but I know that if I can get used to this different environment, then it will all be worth it to just be writing.

    • Haha thanks!! I won’t lie, sometimes that defiant spirit wanes a little, but I have a feeling that if I can just brainwash the universe into thinking I’m in charge, then maybe it will stop throwing me so many curve balls.

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