WIP Wednesday

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Orphans of Paradise is OFFICIALLY FINISHED. I thought this day would never come and if it wasn’t for a few dozen slices of birthday cake and a little soul searching, it wouldn’t have. But here we are. It’s done. I’m finished (well except for some last-minute formatting issues) and it’ll be available for purchase this weekend!


Moving on—thank God—to book 3. Notes from my beta readers are slowly trickling in and I have to say I’m pretty ecstatic about the feedback. Relieved would probably be a better word since it’s a genre I’m not used to writing in. I was nervous that it wouldn’t translate well, that people wouldn’t be able to connect. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about my strengths as a writer, capturing just the right emotions is sort of my biggest one.

Sometimes I struggle with plot and pacing and all of the structural things that make up a story but the thing is, I know people. I get people. I get why they do things and feel things and want things and to me, that’s what makes a good story.

I really can’t wait to jump back into the fourth draft of this project, which should happen within the next three weeks. I’ve got a lot going on this month. My mom is coming to visit, as well as the BF’s family, and on top of all of that I’ll be preparing for another cross country move. A lot of changes are happening but definitely all good, and with projects like book 3 and 4 in my queue, I’ve got a really good feeling about what the end of the year may hold.


Speaking of book 4, I’ve just finished those dreaded re-writes. Draft three should be complete after one final line edit and then it’s off to my alpha readers. This one was also way out of my comfort zone. It’s mature YA with a hint of magical realism and I just hope people don’t think it’s stupid. Because that sometimes happens with fantastical ideas, especially involving romance—a popular formula for the kind of cliché story that I spent months writing about the South American drug cartel trying to avoid. Because that is one of my worst fears—being cliché. And I know that probably sounds pretentious and ridiculous but it’s true. I want to be unique and I want my work to reflect that. And after one last bout of revisions, here’s to hoping it does.


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