Teaser Tuesday

Oprhans of Paradise

She was sitting in the dark, her small silhouette on fire as another flash of lightening cut across the sky. There was a low groan as the light blinked out and then she was gone again.

Jax saw the rain moving toward the beach and he searched the kitchen for a plastic trash bag, some old newspaper and then he spotted the small quilt. He tucked it under his shirt and then he was running, feet sinking, the sand trying to pull him under. He found her sitting near the water, hands clutching her knees, foam lapping at her ankles.

“Rani.” His voice sounded far away, as if he was the one that needed tethering, the one floating out there in the darkness. “We need to get inside.”

He reached for her jacket sleeve but his fingers gripped the sand instead. She didn’t move. He knelt there, hands still clutching the quilt tucked under his shirt. He tried to find her eyes but her hair fell in a wild tangle over her face, her fingers curled tight against her scalp. She was shaking.

And he knew he shouldn’t. He knew he should keep his distance. But just for a second, in that moment, the truth indistinguishable there in the dark, he wanted to be the kind of man she would not…could not be afraid of. And so he laid the quilt across her shoulders, his body braced between her and the storm as they waited for the rain.


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