Cheers Cheerios!

This post is not about cereal–sorry. But it is about this commercial:

If you’ve seen it then you may have heard the firestorm it’s recently started in regard to interracial marriages and mixed-race kids. I haven’t read any of the negative comments swirling around the internet. Because the truth is, I don’t need to. I could probably make a pretty accurate guess as to what they say. I could probably even imagine with precise detail the look on those commenters faces when they watched that adorable biracial child call that white lady at the kitchen table mom. Because I was that biracial child and I remember every second of being profiled when my white father would pick me up from school, or coach my basketball teams, or take me to work with him.

For me the issue here isn’t even about race. The issue here is family. What makes a family? Is it blood? A similar skin tone? The same hair? Living under the same roof? No. Family isn’t biological, it’s spiritual. And you can have a spiritual connection with anyone regardless of race or gender or any of those other stupid things that separate people. Family is a choice and the bonds we choose to create are just as strong as the bonds forged by birth.

So I agree with Meagan Hatcher-Mays when she says this commercial is a big fucking deal. Because it is. For mixed race kids. For blended families. For same sex couples. For families everywhere who have ever felt illegitimate or like they have something to prove. They don’t. Not now. Not ever. And this cheerios commercial just takes us one step closer to the day when “normal” is finally revealed for the myth that it is and diversity is championed in not just the family unit but in each and every individual who’s ever felt like they don’t belong.


16 thoughts on “Cheers Cheerios!

  1. The Cheerios commercial serves to remind us that the America of Suzy Homemaker and white picket fences is long gone, and what we were once taught to believe what “family” meant no longer has any relevance. And it’s about fucking time.

    • Exactly! Race is a mute point and, despite the controversy over this commercial, I truly believe people are a lot more open-minded than they used to be. Times have changed and it’s time for those people who are stuck in the past to get with the program.

  2. Yes! Love this post. And I absolutely adore this commercial. Part of it is because I am one half of an interracial marriage, and my daughter is, of course, a mixed-race kid. But, really, the biggest reason I adore this commercial is because it’s just so darn cute! The whole thing … beyond adorable. I don’t understand how anyone could look at such a beautiful family and spew words of hate.

    • Agreed! But more than that I just wonder, don’t people have anything better to do with their lives? What’s it to you if someone wants to live their life a certain way or love a certain person or raise their family a certain way. Racism is pointless.

  3. I’m afraid if there has been a racist reaction to this ad then it proves that the ‘America of Suzy Homemaker and white picket fences’ as Gus so aptly put it above, has not in fact disappeared. I am lucky enough to be raising my ‘mixed race’ daughter in a place where there are so many variants on skin colour, this ad wouldn’t even raise the eyebrow of the vast majority of viewers. Ignore racists – they’re a dying breed. Long live diversity!

    • They absolutely are a dying breed. I don’t see how a racist could even function in modern society. But apparently they’re still hanging around and apparently they’re young enough to be privy to the internet, which unfortunately means that these ignorant attitudes are still getting past down through generations.

  4. I know a TON of blended families, my own included. So I can only feel outraged and sad if people complained about that commercial. A family is a group of people who love each other. Period.

    • Yes. Period. Bold that. The definition of a family is actually really simple but when we try to define what it should look like by race or creed or gender, that’s where things go wrong.

  5. I love the commercial. Never even noticed that anything was “wrong” with it until it was on the news. I said that I bet it was because the child was mixed and I was right. That is such a shame. It is such a cute commercial and anyone that can’t deal with it does not have to watch it. They have a remote I am sure. Jerks. I also get so darn mad about the Starbucks deal. If you drink it you will go to hell. What’s up with all the jerks in the world. They can’t come into the 21st century??? Love your article and love the commercial.

    • Haven’t heard about the Starbucks thing. And while I don’t want to pinpoint the blame on the older generation, I do agree that whoever is still holding onto these ignorant ideals is definitely stuck in the past.

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