Teaser Tuesday!

Picture 4

Announcing the return of Teaser Tuesday!
Enjoy this sneak peak from my next book Orphans of Paradise
and tune in here every Tuesday for exclusive teasers and other info!

“Èl es tuyo,” Pascual had said.  He’s yours.

Jax felt the cold trigger slip under his finger, his wrist slumping under the weight.  It hung there, the barrel skewed against the man’s chest, limp and trembling.  Jax tightened his grip, narrowing his eyes at Pascual’s shadow bleeding beneath his own.

Entre los ojos.”

Jax lifted the barrel, eyes flitting from the man’s to the ground as he squared it against his temple.  He felt Pascual’s thumb cutting into his hairline, gripping him hard as he held him steady.

Mira,” he said.  Look.

He blinked, eyes settling on the man’s face, on his reflection warped and dark behind the faintest film of tears.  A familiar stinging crept toward the edge of his lashes and he clenched his jaw.  Pascual’s fingers slipped from Jax’s neck and he hung back, waiting.

But Jax was still.


He felt his brother’s voice, his rage hot against his back. But he couldn’t move.  He was fixed there, his face still pulsing in the man’s eyes, fluxing, seething.  He looked at his hands, at the metal glinting between his fingers, trying to make out the dark outline of his own flesh, as if his reflection there would be different, as if the one he’d been drowning in wasn’t real; wasn’t right.

There was a soft click and then something cold brushed the back of Jax’s scalp.  He felt the fear, dry and climbing the back of his throat.  He inhaled, cold air cutting between his teeth, and then he watched himself, round and rigid within those glinting green irises until he was the only thing left in them.


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