is an amazing website that partners with a different cause every week, raising money through the sale of really cool clothes and other products. This week all purchases go toward rescuing young women who have been forced into the sex trade in the U.S.


I touch on sex slavery in both The Things They Didn’t Bury and my new book Orphans of Paradise. In both political wars of the past and the current drug war, enslavement and trafficking have been a key weapon against women. And even more so as the U.S. government continues to crack down on drug trafficking, leading many of these illegal organizations to diversify their product, meaning more and more of them are entering into the sex trade. In Orphans of Paradise I tried to explore how one such Capo begins to enslave his drug mules rather then killing them when they try to escape and this is the turning point for the hero of our story, who can no longer just stand by and watch his brother destroy these young girl’s lives.

I hope everyone will check out this website before the sale ends tomorrow and continue to follow them to check out which causes they’ll be endorsing each week. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the awesome products they have available:























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