Announcing Top Secret Novel #2

After 3 months of re-writes I’ve finally finished the 3rd draft of book #2. I’m exhausted, my brain is mush, and suddenly everything sounds like Chinese. Oh and I spent ten minutes trying to peel my inspection sticker off of the front of my windshield. So yeah, I think it might be time to take a break. So now I’m just prepping it before I send it off to my first group of beta readers meaning the next couple of weeks will be full of anxious nail biting and temporary nervous ticks. Because it’s different and I’m not sure yet if it’s in a good way. It’s dual POV, like my first book, the narrators are similar ages as well, and there’s a similar South American influence. But it’s violent, I was also much more liberal with my expletives, and overall it’s the darkest thing I’ve ever written. The romance is also much more subdued, which might turn some people off. But I had to be honest–on behalf of the characters, of their experiences, of the social issues I touch on. And hopefully that will be enough. But I’ll find out soon!


3 thoughts on “Announcing Top Secret Novel #2

  1. Three months of rewrites! YOW! I am just picking up my first novel manuscript after letting it sit for six weeks and starting ROUND ONE of edits. I’m enjoying the process– it’s moving much more quickly– but there are instances where I have to add new material or tweak existing scenes to include another character or follow new material. It’s CRAZY!

    Good on you for your progress as well as the fact of working on book #2 itself. Also, dual POV– awesome!

    • Also, I am in awe of writers like Stephen King who have whittled the process of writing a book down to three months in its entirety. We might be like that someday….right? 😉

      • It definitely sounds a little insane to be able to write something start to finish, revisions and all in 3 months but when I think about how much more I could write, or just do in general if I wasn’t stuck at a grown-up job I hated, there’s no telling how many books I could churn out every couple of months haha. I will say this, the more I write, the easier it is so who knows maybe a pace like that could be achievable!

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