Yes, you did read that correctly!
And yes I am insane!
But that’s good news (for readers at least)!!
So if you’d like the chance to win an electronic copy of my new book The Things They Didn’t Bury take note of the instructions below. Entries will be accepted starting NOW until January 1st!

Each action below counts as 1 entry and combine for a total of 10 entries:

Winners will be selected using and will receive a coupon code to redeem their copy via Smashwords.



7 thoughts on “HUGE GIVEAWAY!!!!

  1. Is this still open???I’d love a copy!Just stumbled across The Things They Didn’t Bury on Goodreads – Sounds like an amazing read!

    Thanks a LOT! 😀

    • Go right ahead! This was my first giveaway so I’m not going to claim to be some kind of expert. I think you already picked up on the fact that tallying entries was a little difficult with the format I used. But you live and learn. I wasn’t getting very much traffic so I was able to just keep a look out for new follows and retweets, etc. But the next time I run a giveaway I think I’ll just ask people to share the actual post and then link back in the comments where they posted it. That will probably make things easier.

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