Florida Bucket List

So I’m coming up on the one-year anniversary of my big move to Florida.  I still remember that feeling of driving away, a combination of wanderlust and sheer terror twisted in a knot at the base of my stomach. I remember being glad that it was still dark outside, every landmark of my childhood temporarily invisible as we drove past them—as if all I really needed to see was the road tearing out from beneath the glow of my headlights, as if I could put off saying goodbye for another day.  The possibilities, the adventure—those were the only things illuminated.

But after a year of living paycheck to paycheck in a shoe box whose toilet seems to flood the place every two months like clockwork, I’ve realized that adventures are not something you go out and find—a static series of life changing events that cling to a certain time or place.  But adventures are something you make yourself, a manifestation of the insatiable curiosity that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time.

And that is why I have made this list.  Because the next year is going to be different.

  1. Stargazing at the Crosby Observatory
  2. Track down the elusive skunk ape
  3. Pet an alligator and then eat one
  4. Get drunk on butter beer at the wizarding world of Harry Potter
  5. Go parasailing
  6. Meet The Senator
  7. Go to a Florida Marlins game
  8. Go to a Miami Dolphins game
  9. Got to Universal
  10. Go to Disney World
  11. Visit The Big Cat Rescue
  12. Visit  Siesta Beach
  13. Go Horseback Riding
  14. Climb the St. Augustine lighthouse
  15. Visit Yancey’s blueberry farm
  16. Take an airboat ride
  17. Go to the Florida State Fair
  18. See a roller derby match
  19. See Cirque De Soleil
  20. See a sea turtle being hatched
  21. Swim with manatees
  22. Take a surfing lesson
  23. Go paddle boarding
  24. Float Rainbow River
  25. Visit Ybor City
  26. Watch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean
  27. Watch the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico
  28. Send a message in a bottle
  29. See a movie at the Enzian theatre
  30. Go to the Zora Neale Hurston Festival
  31. Go to Red, Hot, and Boom
  32. Go on a Dexter tour of Miami
  33. Go on a  camel safari
  34. Try a new restaurant twice a month
  35. Visit Rock Gate Park
  36. See a show at the Amway Center
  37. Take a hot air balloon ride
  38. Take Salsa dancing lessons

If anyone has anything to add, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comments!!!!


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