The Experiment


For an introverted writer whose always in their own head, starting a blog can seem like nothing more than a necessary evil—a sort of contrived “transparency” meant to lure in readers and their pocketbooks. Sure there are lots of people out there, writers included, who are making genuine connections online.  But when we’re constantly being told how essential it is to find your “niche” and build an “author platform”, it can be incredibly overwhelming.  Hence the numerous teasers, frequent inclusion of my book cover, and general avoidance of anything too personal.

But I had a revelation today and rather than try and find a way to turn my every day life into some kind of gimmick, I’ve decided to skip the formalities and all of the over-thinking that comes with them.

This is not a blog about writing.  This is an experiment in life.  This is an experiment in igniting purpose and following my dreams.  And writing is just one part of that. So, yes, as I delve into self-publishing I will try to be as transparent as possible, chronicling my journey, and sharing whatever knowledge I acquire along the way.  But this is me also giving myself permission to write about bad reality television, my obsession with all things sweet, my affinity for asking bizarre and inappropriate questions, and the occasional in depth-evaluation of my strange inner workings—so essentially whatever the heck I feel like in an attempt to be the most authentically awkward and interesting version of myself at all times.  But most importantly this blog is about learning and paying it forward.

No niche. Just me.

So prepare yourself.


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